Panpatia col Trek

Panpatia col

Mythology says that there was a time when Hindu priest use-to do rituals in both the temple on the same day and used this path. Panpatia col at 5,250 meters is the col between two most important Hindu temples Kedarnath and Badrinath.

When British explorers like Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman in the year 1934 set out to explore the route, they started from Badrinath but got trapped in the maze of dense forests and numerous other intrepid souls did same. Finaly in June 2007, a team from Bengal lead by Tapan Pandit and Debabrata Mukherjee explored the route by using modern technology like google earth and various other gadgets.

This is how the trek Panpatia col came alive from old mythology books.

Peaks to See:                      Balakun( 6471m ), Chaukhamba I ( 7138m ), Chaukhamba II ( 7058m ), Chaukhamba III                                                    (6974m) Chaukhamba IV ( 6854m ), Gauri Parbat ( 6708m ), Hathi Parbat ( 6727m ),                                                          Mandani Parvat (6193m ), Nilkantha ( 6596m )

Passes you cross:             Kachni Khal ( 4400m ), PANPATIA COL ( 5200m )

Glaciers you witness:     Panpatia Glacier

The village you visit:       Badrinath

Some Answers to your WHY?

  • A route that is rooted in history and attaching to many Mythological stories. Use by sage to perform rituals in both temples Badrinath and Kedarnath on same day.
  • World class explores have made an effort to explore this route.
  • After many efforts team from India was able to do this route successfully.
  • It is dangerous, thrilling and covered with massive wide range of ice field.


  • Day 1 – Rishikesh to Joshimath.
  • Day 2 – Joshimath to Badrinath and trek to Khirao Campsite.
  • Day 3 – Khirao Campsite to Khorao Nala [3500 meters]
  • Day 4 – Khirao Nala to Snout Campsite [3900 meters]
  • Day 5 – Snout Campsite to Moraine Campsite [4300 meters]
  • Day 6 – Acclimatization day
  • Day 7 – Moraine Campsite to Parvati Col base camp [4650 meters]
  • Day 8 – Parvati Col base camp to Panpatia ice-field [5200 meters]
  • Day 9 – Panpatia ice-field to Sujal Sarovar [4650 meters] via Panpatia Col [5250 meters]
  • Day 10 – Sujal Sarovar to Kachani Dhar [4150 meters]
  • Day 11 – Kachani Dhar to Nanu Chatti [2500 meters] via Madhyamaheshwar
  • Day 12 – Nanu Chatti to Ransi and drive to Ukhimath
  • Day 13 – Drive from Ukhimath to Rishikesh.

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