Roopkund Trek


Roopkund is the best setup for adventure seekers. Roopkund is a glacial lake set amid some of the highest mountains of India in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The trek to Roopkund lake is one of the most beautiful treks in India. It has all the factors one needs to make the journey unforgettable. No other single trek will give you eerie views, river crossings, impenetrable forest, breath-taking campsites, miles of undulating meadows, closer view of two 7000ers (Mt. Trishul & Mt. Nanda Devi) along with few 6000ers (Mt. Nanda Ghunti, Nilkantha, Maiktoli Peak etc.). Aforementioned factors are completely capable of casting a spell on anyone. Roopkund trek provides jaw-dropping views of nature every day. This trek also checks your level of physical fitness, endurance and stamina.

The Roopkund Mystery

Situated at an elevation of 16,500 feet | 5,029 meters, this lake is home to one of the many unsolved mysteries. It has hundreds of human skeletons at its edge that subsume a story nobody knows except the ones lying there. Because of the human remains, the lake has been called Skeleton Lake in recent times. The skeletons are visible in the clear water of the shallow lake during a one-month period when the ice melts. When a team from National Geographic magazine retrieved about 30 skeletons, the flesh was still attached to some of them. Geneticists conducted DNA tests on a hundred samples from the lake and compared them to the current Indian population. Results indicated that 70 percent of them had an affinity with Iran, while the remaining belonged to the local population. It is hypothesized that the Iran group took the help of local porters to seek new land for settlement. Later studies placed the time of mass death around the 9th century CE (1,200 years old).

Local legend says that the King of Kanauj, Raja Jasdhaval, with his pregnant wife, Rani Balampa, their servants, a dance troupe and others went on a pilgrimage to Nanda Devi shrine, and the group faced a storm with large hailstones, from which the entire party perished near Roopkund Lake. Remnants belonging to more than 300 people have been found. Along with the skeletons, wooden artifacts, iron spearheads, leather slippers, and rings were also found.

The view of Roopkund will for sure raise questions ‘who’,‘why’, ‘how’ and “what happened” along with goosebumps.

Best Season

Roopkund trek gets opened twice a year:

Pre monsoon|Summer: May and June

In this season, you will find the lush green meadows and more snow compared to the other season. Per our past experience Roopkund lake is frozen during this season, so the chances are very low to see the skeletons lying in the lake bed. Few are already out of the lake so don’t be disappointed.

Post monsoon|Autmn: September and October

In this season, the views are crystal clear compared to the other season; witnessing sunset and sunrise will hold you spellbound. You will find lush green meadows. One reason to choose this season is that you will find less traffic on this trail compared to the other one. Roopkund lake gets thawed in this season, so the chances are higher to see the skeletons that are visible in the clear water of the shallow lake.

Day 01: Dehradun to Wan

Time: 8 to 9 hours                Distance: 307 Kms             Altitude: 2,400 meters | 7874 feet

Board the vehicle at Dehradun railway station early in the morning and start the journey to Wan via three confluences, i.e., Devprayag, Rudraprayag and Karnaprayag. After reaching Wan check in to the guest house/camp/homestay. Explore the village and nearby area if you want. Have dinner and give rest to your body.

*Transport will be arranged for the group on the actual cost sharing basis.

Day 02: Wan to Gairolipatal

Time: 4 to 5 hours                   Distance: 7 kms                    Altitude: 3090 meters | 10137 feet

After an early morning breakfast, finally it is time to get moving along with the beautiful timber trail in a dense Oak and Rhododendron forest. The trail takes you to a point where you will cross a picturesque river stream; the place is a treasure for lens bearers. A midpoint known as Gairolipatal will be your home for the day. It helps you to acclimatize and also it is the only stay amid the jungle of your whole journey.

Day 03: Gairolipatal to Bedni Bugyal via Ali Bugyal

Time: 2 to 3 hours                 Distance: 5 kms                    Altitude: 3354 meters | 11003 feet

After early morning breakfast move forward for the day’s destination through steep ascents and zigzag trails. There are numerous shortcuts on this route, however taking one without given any dispensation can be catastrophic, hence always follow your trek leader and guides. A final steep ascent and turn will put you at the beautiful spot of today’s hike, witness the mesmerizing views of Ali Bugyal. Suddenly all your fatigue will vanish and will be replaced by a big smile. Explore the beauty of Ali bugyal followed by the tranquil Bedni Bugyal. Bedni will be our campsite, have lunch and explore the lush green meadows.  Witnessing sunset and sunrise from Bedni will hold you spellbound. Have dinner and rest in your tents.

 Day 04: Bedni Bugyal to Bhagwabasa via Patar Nachaunya

Time: 4 to 5 hours                   Distance: 10 kms               Altitude: 4302 meters | 14,117 feet

After an early breakfast, move for today’s destination, Bahgwabasa. Today’s trek subsumes the easiest hike till Patar Nachaunya. By this day your body has already started acclimatizing and you can feel the difference as it is more active and less vulnerable. After crossing the easy section till Patar Nachaunya, the ridge of Kalu Vinayak temple awaits you to test you physically and mentally. The route is zigzag in the shape and this is the affair gets snowy. After reaching at Kalu Vinayak temple one can see the day’s terminus few hundred meters away. Put your bags in your camps, have lunch and take some rest. The rest of the day is for you to get lost in the landscapes mother nature has offered. In the evening, a practice cum an introduction to the equipments session about hiking with additional gears, i.e., gaiters and crampons will be organized. *The aforementioned session is totally reliant on the condition of

snow. Have the dinner and call it a day early as final challenges of THE DAY are waiting for you and we want you to conquer them as a warrior.

DAY 05: Bhagwabasa to Roopkund lake and Junargali, and back to Patar Nachaunya

Time: 8 to 9 hours                                  Distance: 12 Kms                         Altitude: 5029 meters | 16,499 feet

The day you have been waiting for has arrived and it is going to be a busy day. You need to start the day at 4:00 am. You must climb on the hard snow which is until sunrise, once the sun is out the snow starts getting softer and your feet start sinking in and things get difficult and time consuming. Hence the early start. Roopkund is a gradual ascent of approx 5 kms consisting several switchbacks and a steep short climb at the end to reach Roopkund. Your gears will become your savior. Roopkund is more beautiful and bigger than the pictures. Your elation at arrival will overcome the weariness and questions will arise out of astonishment. The ‘hows’, the ‘whys’ followed by many others will start making sentences out of captivation. The ridgeline towering above the Roopkund is Junargali. If the weather permits and after the nod of trek leader you will climb the Junargali. The climb dosen’t take much time as it is 250 ft above the lake but it must be attempted with precautions. Junargali gives you spellbinding views of Mt. Trishul, the base of Mt. Trishul is clearly visible; an evident thought of climbing down and easily conquer Mt. Trishul hovers above all. Climb down from Junargali and after spending some time at Roopkund, move towards the day’s terminus at Patar Nachaunya. Have lunch and explore the beauty of the place and picturesque landscapes followed by dinner.

 DAY 06: Patar Nachaunya to Wan

Time: 4 to 5 hours                                  Distance: 10 Kms                                 Altitude: 2,400 meters | 7874 feet

The day has arrived to assemble all your memories and beautiful landscapes with yourselves and leave this divine place and tranquility behind to the place where we started this journey; Wan village. We don’t take a different route than others as it changes the landscape and provide a different view to this trek. The descent goes via Deldung to Shukrikhan where one can see the mesmerizing views of Mt. Hathi and Badrinath peak.. Have lunch at Shukrikhan and reach Wan. As it is the last day of trek, bonfire becomes mandatory which helps in making the bond stronger among the group and sharing experiences. Dinner and overnight stay in guesthouse/camp/homestay.

Day 07: Wan to Dehradun

Time: 8 to 9 hours                                  Distance: 307 Kms                    Altitude: 437 meters | 1433.73 feet

After early morning breakfast, bid adieu to this unforgettable hilly affair with memories, friends and promises of new ventures.

*Make your arrangements to go home from Dehradun after 8:00 pm as it is a mountain journey and buffer time plays an important role.*

Read carefully the following Terms & Conditions before registering for a trek:

  • The trek fee includes all costs of the trek from the start at Wan to the end of the trek at Wan.
  • Offloading: Himlook anticipates members to carry their backpacks during the whole journey. However, due to any circumstances, if you wish to not carry your backpack, you can pay an additional charge and offload your pack.**We don’t allow partial offloading, hence please choose accordingly.
  • Offloading cost for the entire trek is 1,500/-. This charge may vary at the base camp. Offloading is a factor which is totally dependent on the availability of mules or porters; hence Himlook reserves all rights to refuse or accept it. The bags weigh cannot be more than 10 kg. Duffel bags, suitcases, day bags, strollers are not allowed for this service.
  • Emergency condition: Emergency situation may arise during any trek. If the condition doesn’t get stable and you are sent back then Himlook holds the responsibility of making arrangements back to the base or the nearest road head. We will send you with a member of our support team. It is not promised that he’ll be a trained person. Handling emergencies or evacuation is a difficult and time-consuming process in the mountains. Difficulty level increases with the seriousness of an emergency. It takes a lot of time to evacuate a sick person. Doctors don’t travel with a group and neither will you get one at base camp or road head (depends on a trek where the last road head–which is a base camp–is a big town or village). However, Himlook trek leaders are trained in handling emergencies in the mountains and administering first aid. But keep this in mind that they are not doctors. Opting/Booking this trek is an agreement/understanding that you are well aware and understand the risks and difficulties involved in the trekking at high altitudes.
  • You have also taken time to understand the different types of problems one may get on high altitudes and also educate yourself on how to handle these sicknesses, i.e., AMS, HAPE, and HACE.
  • Fitness: Considerable level of fitness is required during a high altitude Himalayan trek. You need to be in a good shape to opt for the same. Cardiovascular training plays an important role during these treks. Most important is that you need to be psychologically/mentally fit, strong and prepared. Your body must be in a shape to work average or above in less oxygen. We provide a fitness chart which helps you train for the trek. If you opt for this trek, we understand that you will undertake the aforesaid fitness program. Himlook reserves all the rights to reject members, at the base camp, not meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • Himlook will not take any responsibility for any kind of damage or loss of your equipment, gears or other personal belongings on the trek.
  • Smoking, drinking and consumption of any kind of drugs is strictly prohibited on a high altitude trek. Himlook reserves the right to cancel the participation right away if a member is found doing aforementioned anything.
  • Payment: We receive debit/credit cards and transfers through net banking. In only those cases where a small payment is received in advance to book the slot, wemight consider taking cash per the situation, however we prefer online transfers for the same. We don’t accept drafts or cheque.
  • Equipment: We will provide you the necessary equipment whenever the conditions require. However, after the issuance and till the return it is your responsibility to take care of the gears. Any wear and tear or loss will be borne by the person to whom gears were issued.

Safety Protocol:

  • We concentrate on the safety of our group members as a priority; hence we focus on the acclimatization. Most treks in the Himalayas gain higher altitudes quickly, there are several reasons as well attached to it, finding a good camp site is one of the main reasons apart from the terrain itself. During these scenarios/treks people may feel the effects of altitude sickness, in these cases trek leader holds the final decision whether to take you ahead or send you back. He will also make arrangements to send you at lower altitude. In this case no refund will be given.
  • Himlook’s staff and trek leader(s) regularly check the health of all the members. We regularly check pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation level and we have an AMS scorecard which helps in checking the overall health. If the vital readings are below the norms for that altitude, Himlook reserves the right to cancel the participation of the trekker to go further without any refund. Norms are available with Himlook trek leader.
  • All the treks take you through rough and rocky terrain. Some treks may take you through snowy terrains. Self assessment of your fitness level is as critical as important gears. You must be fit and confident to walk in the mountains. You must complete the journey within the appropriate time, both descents and ascents. Himlook holds the right to turn back any member if our trek leader believes that the member is unable to move ahead without additional assistance. In this scenario no refund will be provided.

Refund Policy

  • We have the right to cancel the departure, if minimum group strength is not met.
  • Should you wish to customise the trip as per your preferred date, separate charges will apply.
  • If a trek gets cancelled at the last moment due to natural disaster/calamity or due to any  unforeseen circumstances (i.e., earthquake, heavy snowfall, rains, floods, landslides, strike, bandh etc), Himlook will provide a voucher of the amount recieved which can be used either for the same trek or another trek in the next one year.
  • Itineraries are based on information available at the time of planning and are subject to change. Himlook reserves the right to change expedition/trekking dates, people or itineraries as conditions warrant. If a trip must be delayed or the itinerary changed due to bad weather, road conditions, transportation delays, government intervention, airline schedules, sickness, or other contingency for which Himlook or its agents cannot make provision, the cost of delays and/or other changes are the responsibility of the participant.
  • Any additional costs due to weather / unforeseen situations, will have to be borne by the traveller.
  • Himlook reserves the right to change the plan in case there is a danger involved for the group or whenever the trek leader deems it necessary.
  • Final word of the trek leaders will have to be followed by all the members failing to which trek leader reserves the right to decline the individual as a trip member. In this scenario no refund will be given.
  • No show will be non-refundable.
  • If a trek gets cancelled after the commencement of trek due to any reason, no refund will be given.
  • Himlook reserves the right to decline, or accept, any individual as a trip member for any reason.
  • In the event of cancellation of trek/adventure activity services due to any avoidable/unavoidable reasons by you, we must be notified of the same in writing at

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Cancellation request will not be taken or taken into consideration over the phone. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive advice in writing, and cancellation charges would be as follows: –
  2. Cancellations prior to 10 days from the commencement of the trek — full refund.
  3. Cancellations less than 10 days from the commencement of the trek — no refund.
  4. Bookings made between 10 days from the trek commencement date will not be liable for any refund. Eg: If a trek’s date is 11-9-17, anyone making booking between 1-9-17 and 10-9-17 will not be liable for any refund.

Rescheduling Policy:

  1. Prior 10 Days- 30% of Trek/adventure program cost will be charged.
  2. Less than 10 Days- No rescheduling allowed.


  • GST 5%



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