Tips for Himalaya Trekking

A moderate level of fitness is good enough for most of the treks in Himalaya. You will never forget wonderful experience your life in the Himalaya. Mountains are enjoyable for trekking and walking in mountains is an art. If you see a hillman walking you will be amazed how he is walking and has the strength for it. you can easily do the trek if you take care of few things:

Keep in mind the following points-

1. A common saying “There is no fist or last in trekking”, Walking fast and trying to finish early is very common for beginners. This burns there energy and then it is hard to finish the trek. An experience trekker will keep walking at the steady speed and will enjoy his trek, that way he maintains the oxygen level which keeps his body charged.

2. Maintaining a rhythm is very important, walking for very long or resting for long is not good for the trek. Try to develop a rhythm of your own, do not compare your self with anyone, maintain the rhythm, keep breathing in the same rhythm.

3. Taking a shortcut may seem exciting or way to finish the trek fast but its burns you strength twice the time of normal trek. try avoiding them and Walk in zigzags.

4. Watch your every step, do not step on loose rocks, stepping on a loose rock can hurt your ankle.

5. Walk on a trail, while walking the narrow trail follow the fellow trekkers and do not try to overtake anyone, you make push someone in the wrong direction. If its necessary to overtake wait for the right time and warn they before you cross them.

6. While walking in the trail, maintain a decent space between you and fellow trekkers. so that if anyone slips, they do not push anyone else.

7. Don’t damage crops by walking through standing harvest while going through the villages and cultivation areas as this action may create anger among the locals.

8. Always carry a water bottle. and try to consume little amount of water at one time and make sure there is some water left before you reach next water spot.

9. While taking rest between, do to stand, take the support of wall, stone or any tree. Place your legs in inclined position so that the blood flow from legs to the body and regulate your blood circulation properly. After every rest check, your gears and readjust your rucksack, make sure it is proper also tie your shoelace etc.

3. Carry a small First aid kit, below are some medicines you can carry.
iodine tablets, tincture or crystals for water purification, analgesics, antidiarrhoeal, intestinal disinfectants, antibiotics, antiseptic, eye drops, bandages, cutaneous antiseptics, waterproof tape, adhesive pads, cotton swabs, skin applications (burn, sunburn, bites or stings), acetazolamide (Diamox) for acute mountain sickness…

Not everything is covered here, but keep these points in mind before you enter Himalaya they will help you in your journey.

Happy trekking!

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